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The famous South Loop Community Sukkah is back up! 

The Sukkah will be open during the following times:
Thursday, September 23rd - 4pm to 7pm
Friday, September 24th - 1pm to 4pm
Sunday, September 26th - 11am to 7pm
Monday, September 27th - 1pm to 4pm


Drop in and visit the Sukkah this Sukkot. Grab a bite to eat and shake the Lulav and Etrog!

The Sukkah is located on Indiana Ave, between Roosevelt Rd and 13th St (in front of 1201 S Prairie Ave).

Plenty of parking available on the property of the Sukkah.

Stop by the Sukkah open house whenever suits you during the open hours. No reservations necessary.

The Sukkah has ventilation, and Covid-19 protocols will be followed.


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